The Clue Report

At Issue:
Meeting Venues are constantly pressured to identify new business, yet they often do not have the time and/or resources to develop, plan and implement events to expose their products to these potential business opportunities.

Events created and promoted by properties are, by their very nature, based on a presumption of possible future business. Such a foundation causes many customers to avoid such interaction.

A Solution:
Create an event that seeks to tap the wisdom of the customer. Appeal first to their innate desire to share their experience within a bigger context.

Have the venue secondary to the purpose of the event and through soft sell exposure, improve the customer’s acceptance of being involved in a selling environment.

Program Overview

The C.L.U.E. Report™ is an innovative TURN-KEY program designed to get at the heart of what really affects a customer’s meeting venue buying decision.

Participating customers complete an extensive survey prior to the event. This information is used as the basis of a two-hour customer focus group that will review the data collected and dig deeper into customer perception. Venues are able to expose potential new customers to their product, learn about the customers’ perception of their product, and gain insights into the important elements of their buying decisions.

Information learned through these insights will be compared to regional and national benchmarks. Together, this will provide the host property with a deep understanding of how it compares to other properties and help fine tune sales strategies.

Armed with these insights and a qualified list of potential meeting buyers, properties will be able to far more effectively focus their efforts on overcoming pre-existing perceptions and build new business.

Powerful Deliverables
Host Venues Receive:

  • A minimum of 12 qualified customers attending the focus group event that will experience
  • your property and meetings product
  • Opportunity to tour potential new customers
  • A minimum of 50 qualified customer contacts in list form with reasons for their inability to attend
  • Narrative summary of event
  • Summary of all questionnaire data collected
  • Comparative analysis of group data versus regional, national and loyal customers
  • Opportunity to make this program a part of a larger FAM or customer event program

For more information please inquire at:

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